A recent collaboration with MB! Magazine has lead to an incredible short film; Tofua'a. The story aims to explore the concept that body language is a common trait shared by many species on earth, humans included. Not only do animals use body language to communicate with each other, but this 'language' can be interpreted by other species. If we understand our common elements, we realise that in many ways humans and the animal world are still interconnected.

During filming, I spent 8 days, free diving with whales off Vava'u watching their movements and experiencing their curiosity. A lifetime living in the ocean couldn't have prepared me for this experience. Most of my previous interactions involved large fish and sharks. Their repertoire of communication is much different to whales, however just as unique. To watch a curious whale mimic your behaviour, to meet eye to eye, in perfectly rivalled curiosity is something I had never experienced. Please enjoy our film and feel free to share with your friends.