I am very happy to announce my new position as one of the global ambassadors for Scuba for Change.  

Scuba for Change believes that scuba divers and tourists alike can all leave behind positive and lasting legacies for people living in developing nations.  If you have travelled to a developing nation, you would have seen first hand the locals' plight, children being exploited, locals unable to break away from a cycle of hopelessness, earning a wage a fraction what we see in the "First World". I as well as the dedicated team at Scuba for Change, believe we can help change that. 

For more information on the projects we initiating, I encourage you to visit www.scubaforchange.com

I would also like to thank the continuing support of Australian Underwater Products and Oceanic. I was thrilled to see a company of this calibre making such fine contributions to causes such as Scuba for Change, and after seeing their commitment to unifying our underwater communities through initiative like "Submerged Nation," I was delighted and honoured to represent their brands.