Freediving / Spearfishing

2017/ 2018 saw a few groups heading to the Solomon Islands for a family “re-wilding” experience. Families took to the water, and learned to push new boundaries. Some dived to depths they didn’t know were possible, others crafted the art of hunting their daily meal under the waves. All had an amazing time. I will be returning to the village a few times later this year, to run re-wilding trips, including the AIDA 2 and 3 freediving courses. If you’re interested, please send me an email on for dates and availability
— Lucas Handley

Guided freediving and spearfishing trips: Incarcerated by concrete and technology, mocked by the demands of a life spent working; it's all too easy to lose sight of what makes us human. The ability to run free, connect with the wild, hunt our food, rely on our senses, move with the seasons and develop community connections has all but disappeared. But that life is still here, if you choose to find it. Come with me on a hand tailored, re-wilding experience. Bring your family, or your friends, connect with the earth and ocean. Learn new skills while living in an island wilderness. My trips will teach you to freedive, to push your natural limits, to hunt, gather and endure. It is a rare opportunity to switch off your phone, and switch on your senses.

The ocean provides a diverse and dynamic environment live in. If we look after it well, we can rely on it to provide us with food plenty enough to sustain us. But to hunt requires a knowledge of our impact, and knowledge of our abilities. In the Solomon islands, good fish can turn up anywhere, however this is more the exception than the rule, with most species being constrained to specific depth and habitat; knowing where, when and how to hunt specific species will of course increase your chance of taking your target species. Each trip incorporates an AIDA International approved freediving course into the experience, so that we can safely and effectively explore our ocean connection.

The trips that I guide afield can be tailored to fit your requirements, and include the option of incorporating a culturally intimate experience. The programme would generally begin with a four day intensive freediving course (beginner or advanced) with The Underwater Academy, and then a period of travel to a remote location with village stay potential. Land based stays in pacific island nations such as the Solomon Islands, provide a rich cultural experience and an interpretation on freediving that is seldom experienced in other countries. Fish are shared amongst the villagers, lifestyles are shared and friendships are created, in my experience this is the most rewarding form of freediving. Challenging your limits and technique within the settings of a culture that relies so heavily on the ocean. 

For Inquiries into guided trips, email

US $3500 p/w



  • I will not myself harm an endangered specie

  • I will promote the ethos “with choice comes responsibility”

  • I will where possible, promote the sustainable use of our environment, and while it is important to show the different perspectives of the people using our oceans, I believe I have a responsibility to promote education and researched information so that the best outcome can be achieved both anthropogenic and ecologically.

  • Many of the activities I engage in are dangerous and should not be attempted without suitable training and safety

  • All free diving activities will occur with a safety diver at the surface. All diving activities will be done under approved safety tables

  • If an activity becomes too dangerous due to environmental conditions or inadequate equipment or training, the activity will be delayed at my call. This refers to oceanic conditions (currents, winds, visibility etc.), hostility of marine animals (aggressive sharks will result in a change of location rather than engagement and deterrence) or inexperience of any participants.