I love sharing my images as a way of communicating a different appreciation of our oceans. If you can find beauty, inspiration or intrigue in the oceans, I hope you too, take up the challenge to share it with the rest of the world.

The Tao at -30; as it's name in Solomon Pidjin suggests, is the sunken wreck of a tuna pole and line vessel. The captain was navigating the passages of Hele, when he ran aground onto the shallow reef. The stricken vessel now lies vertical, with its bow just two meters below the surface. 

This photo was taken on one breath, and required sitting at 35m deep until the right frame presented itself.

Schooling trevally dance beneath sunbeams, waiting for the light to fade. In the twilight they hunt, with eyes, both fixed on their prey, and scanning for larger predators.


Julias Crack (Best).jpg

The geological history of the islands in the western province of the Solomon Islands, is remarkable. Paleo-shorelines are visible both above and below  where the sea level is now. Behind me, fresh water that is trickling down the limestone cliff, once would have fallen much further, and the canyon it created, with the help of waves and coral growth is spectacular. 

Light penetrates the silence of a Solomon island cave, followed by a temporary explorer

In the Solomon islands, there is a blonde hair gene, which exists almost nowhere else on earth. Completely independent from where blonde hair originated in Europe, and it's most pronounced in the children. The gene typically comes from Malaita, but because of inter island movements, every now and then, one pops up in some of the other provinces.

This beautiful girl, is like so may in the village. Infinitely interested in who you are, and what you're doing. Though they don't have conventional games, they imagination and ingenuity is the same as in any playground, except in theirs, it is filled with pristine rainforest, and beautiful coral reefs. This way of life is becoming rarer, and I hope we can help preserve that.

Thibault completed some amazing dives. reaching depths that many humans have neve seen, even using SCUBA.

On assignment as one of the photographers of the Australian Depth Challenge in Bali,  I have a number of amazing shots of these friends and athletes doing what they love to do!

The lurker of other realms.

The lurker of other realms.


Through shadow and shape, we transform our underwater world with the limitations of only our imagination.