The AIDA 1* course is designed as a fun, one day introduction to freediving. If you have ever wanted a taste of what it is like to snorkel below the surface, to dive down and meet the marine life on their level, then this one day course can help you do it! The course teaches the basics of breath-hold and breath-hold diving, focusing on technique and aquaticity. Students familiarise themselves with anatomy and physiology before trying their hand at apnea techniques. Students are guided during an open ocean session to swim to depth, focusing on correct 'duckdive' and equalisation techniques.

The day is run in a very relaxed style, with small classes in a "hands on" style. You are offered plenty of guidance, with the focus on a fun experience rather than specific training objectives.


What to bring?

 - mask, fins, towel and wetsuit

 -  weight belt is provided


The courses are run in the eastern suburbs between Bondi and Long Bay, depending on prevailing environmental conditions.

*Students should have basic swimming skills and be able to demonstrate these prior to undertaking the course.